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  In the Beginning
It started just a few years ago in a tiny dank apartment in San Francisco. That's where Sara and I first lived together and fell in love. She was finshing her Master's degree in speech-language pathology and I worked at Bacchus & Venus in Sausalito, seling wine to tourists and an unusual batch of locals. At night i would drive home from work over the Golden Gate Bridge and usually arrive with a leftover bottle or two from the day's tastings. We would eat dinner and drink the wine, and think about our future.
It didn't take long before we both fell hard for Pinot Noir. California producers such as Patz & Hall, Loring and Siduri became our benchmarks. Wines from the great Santa Lucia Highlands vineyards of Pisoni, Garys' and Rosella's were liquid treasures, and trips to the Anderson Valley soon become regular excursions.

Maybe it was because Sonoma County was in between our little apartment and Sara’s hometown of Ukiah in Mendocino County, but it soon became the focus of our desire to relocate. We loved San Francisco and always will. But we were ready to do without weekly parking tickets and winter in July. We wanted to eat just as well and rent a place that actually had room for more than a card table for dining. We also knew that Sonoma County was home to some of the world's best Pinot Noir.

Suddenly it was 2007 and we were engaged and driving a U-Haul to start a new life in Sonoma County. I worked as a harvest intern at Siduri, and Sara adjusted to life away from her vast network of friends in the Bay Area. The adjustment was hard at first, but we soon established ourselves anew in this beautiful county, and we officially began life together as husband and wife in 2008.

Working at Siduri lead me to Vinify, the custom crush winery where I have worked for the past three years. Being exposed to a multitude of winemakers and entrepreneurs had its effect on me and in 2009 we purchased one ton of Pinot Noir grapes and made our first wine. It was a modest start in this humble venture we call Vaughn Duffy Wines. Or perhaps it was just another step in the process that started with those leftover bottles in that shoebox apartment. We have since continued with a 2011 that has seen the birth of our first child and the release of our first wine. Wherever we are along the way, we're glad you are with us, and we are honored to share our wine with you.
All the best. Matt Duffy & Sara Vaughn

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